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Cithway™ BugsOff! Electromagnetic Pest Repeller

Cithway™ BugsOff! Electromagnetic Pest Repeller

 (1828 Reviews)

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Cithway™ BugsOff! Electromagnetic Pest Repeller

Cithway™ BugsOff! Electromagnetic Pest Repeller

 (1828 Reviews)
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Repel those Pesky Mosquitos & Bugs with the All New Cithway™ BugsOff! Electromagnetic Pest Repeller!

Bugs, specially mosquitos are a big problem worldwide because people travel and trade more, spreading these pests. They can be found in hotels, homes, schools, hospitals, and even on public transportation. Bugs affect not just individuals, but everyone. We should take action to stop them and avoid more harm and suffering.

Cithway™ BugsOff! Electromagnetic Pest Repeller has Come to Save your Bugs and Pest Problems!

Eliminate bothersome pests in your household with the assistance of the Cithway™ BugsOff! Electromagnetic Pest Repeller. This innovative device employs advanced electromagnetic technology to ensure the effective protection of your home from a variety of nuisance pests, including bedbugs, ants, cockroaches, rats, and other harmful intruders.

This highly efficient electronic pest deterrent, designed for residential use, is a plug-and-play solution that takes pest control to the next level. It emits both ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves, which have been proven to be exceptionally effective in eliminating pests and repelling most crawling insects. By using this device, you can create a pest-free environment, safeguarding your living space and outdoor areas from these unwanted visitors. Enjoy a pest-free home and garden by making use of the cutting-edge technology provided by Cithway™ BugsOff! Electromagnetic Pest Repeller!

Cithway™ BugsOff! Electromagnetic Pest Repeller: How it Works

Electromagnetism happens when electric and magnetic fields interact. Electric currents create magnetic fields, and changing magnetic fields create electric currents. These fields come from moving electric charges.
On the other hand, ultrasonic tech uses high-pitched sound waves we can't hear (above 20 kHz). Things like vibrating objects or speakers make these waves. We use ultrasonic tech for various things, like pest control.

This device sends electromagnetic pulses through your wall wires to make pests leave. It also produces ultrasonic waves at times, annoying pests and making them avoid the area where they hear the waves. It's safe and won't harm anyone. Unlike chemicals used in traditional pest control, it doesn't use toxic or smelly substances. So, it's harmless to animals and people, and it won't leave behind any chemical residue or pollution.

Comprehensive Protection

The device can handle a large space of up to 1200 square feet effectively. This means you may not need to buy multiple units, which could save you money.

The device goes above and beyond by not just pinpointing pests in specific spots but by extending its protection across your entire home. This comprehensive coverage spans every area, from your bedrooms to living spaces, kitchens, and even storage areas. This means that no part of your home is overlooked or left vulnerable. The device is designed to create a pest-free environment that encompasses every nook and cranny, ensuring that every corner receives the same level of protection.

The extensive coverage area, spanning up to 1200 square feet, provides a secure shield for your family, ensuring protection from the threat of infestations. This substantial coverage not only safeguards your living space but also offers a wide safety net that envelops your loved ones, assuring their well-being and peace of mind. It creates a formidable barrier against unwanted intruders, guaranteeing a pest-free environment for your entire household.


What Makes Cithway™ BugsOff! Electromagnetic Pest Repeller the BEST CHOICE?

1. Addressing Hidden Infestations: Pests often lurk in hard-to-reach spots like walls and crevices. Full house coverage ensures that even these hidden infestations are dealt with, offering a thorough pest control solution.
2. Effective and Economical: With a coverage area of up to 1200 sq ft, this device efficiently manages a substantial space, reducing the need for multiple units and potentially lowering overall costs.
3. User-Friendly: Homeowners don't have to bother with applying treatments manually or setting up multiple devices in different rooms. This device provides a convenient and hassle-free solution.
4. Peace of Mind: Knowing that your entire home is safeguarded can offer peace of mind. You can go about your daily activities without worrying about potential pest issues.


Let's Hear it from Our Happy and Satisfied Customers!


"It definitely works! I purchased this product to keep insects and rodents out of my home. What I didn't realize was that these colony of pests were already inside! After using the product just for three straight days, I discovered termites and bugs attempting to escape through a hole they had made in my floor. I also found a dead cockroach. The best part is that I no longer have mosquitoes in my home either. These are my own experiences. I was so pleased with the results that I bought some for my parents, and they also had great results!" - Michelle Muniz

"I decided to give Cithway™ Pest Repeller a try after reading excellent reviews, especially one that sounded like it was written by someone from New York, just like me. I waited for two weeks before writing this review to ensure its accuracy. During our second day of using this, my wife saw a bunch of flies and bugs lying lifeless beside the device! We also did not see a single cockroach, unlike before where we occasionally see one or two under our kitchen and sinks. In conclusion, these products seem to be doing the job effectively. I'll definitely recommend it!" - Josh Lamance



  • Brand: Cithway™
  • Colour: Green, Silver
  • Style: Electric Trap
  • Recommended Uses For Product: Indoors. Garages

Package Inclusion:

  • Cithway™ BugsOff! Electromagnetic Pest Repeller x 1

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