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AEXZR™ Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Device

AEXZR™ Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Device

 (1828 Reviews)

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AEXZR™ Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Device

AEXZR™ Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Device

 (1828 Reviews)
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Before we introduce our product, let's hear Nelson Bourne's journey to healthy nails with AEXZR™ Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Device!



"So I went to the podiatrist after years of trying unsuccessfully to solve this toenail fungus issue on my right toenail. Most of my toenail was cut off to retrieve a sample to send to the pathologist to uncover exactly what type of fungus I had. The doctor’s advice was to have three laser sessions each one costing $500 with no guarantees that it will totally heal my toenail, so I decided to search for an alternative until I found AEXZR™ Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Device."


"I was skeptical of this item at first, but it really is effective! I've been using the item for about 2 weeks and 4 days now, and the damaged part of my toenail appears to be healthier than before."



"I’ve had it a little over four weeks now and can see it actually restored my damaged toenail! I have never been this happier and confident. I am thankful I stumbled upon this laser device and refused the expensive treatment my doctor wanted me to initially do. If you're looking for a cheap but effective alternative way to restore your damaged nails, AEXZR™ Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Device is the way to do it!" - Nelson Bourne


Understanding Nail Fungus

Onychomycosis, commonly known as nail fungus in medical terms, is a prevalent fungal infection that frequently targets the nails, with a primary focus on the toenails. However, it can also affect the fingernails, albeit less frequently. This condition occurs when specific types of fungi, often dermatophytes, infiltrate and multiply within both the nail and the surrounding skin. Initially, it typically presents as a small, pale white or yellowish spot beneath the tip of the nail, gradually advancing deeper into the nail bed. As the fungus continues to proliferate, it can lead to various changes and symptoms, including:

1. Alteration in Color: The nail may undergo a change in color, often appearing yellow, brown, or even black.
2. Thickening: The infected nail can thicken, making it difficult to trim and maintain.
3. Increased Brittleness: The nail may become fragile, susceptible to crumbling, splitting, or breaking.
4. Distorted Shape: The natural shape of the nail may warp, resulting in irregular edges.
5. Separation: There might be lifting or detachment of the nail from the nail bed, accompanied by discomfort and pain.
6. Unpleasant Odor: On occasion, the infected nail can emit an unpleasant odor.
7. Pain and Discomfort: As the infection progresses, it can lead to varying degrees of pain and discomfort, particularly if left untreated.

Nail Fungus Causes & Risk Factors

A considerable number of people contract these fungi through direct skin contact with individuals who have fungal infections, such as athlete's foot or ringworm on their hands. Another prevalent source of fungal nail infections is walking barefoot in warm, humid places like pool decks or locker rooms, as these fungi thrive in such environments. Furthermore, the infection can also spread through the sharing of contaminated nail clippers or towels. However, it's worth noting that acquiring a fungal nail infection doesn't always require direct contact with another person. It can develop if your nails are frequently exposed to moisture or if you regularly wear damp socks and shoes.

That's why we've invented AEXZR™ Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Device!


Bring Back the Healthiness in your Nails with AEXZR™ Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Device!

Bid farewell to the troublesome issue of nail fungus with ease! Embrace a cutting-edge solution for your toenails and fingernails, which combines the potent forces of 905nm Pulsed Laser and 470nm Blue Light energy, leading to a powerful and harmonious therapeutic effect. Let us introduce you to the brand-new, in-home AEXZR™ Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Device!

AEXZR™ Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Device: How Does it Work?

AEXZR™ Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Device leverages cutting-edge medical technology to deliver results that truly stand out. The combination of 905nm pulsed laser radiation and 470nm blue light energy represents a powerful duo that works synergistically to ensure a high level of disinfection. This advanced approach guarantees that even the most resilient fungi and bacteria have met their match. 

With AEXZR™, you're not just getting a treatment; you're embracing a comprehensive solution that prioritizes your nail health and overall comfort. Say goodbye to the persistent woes of onychomycosis and foot odor, and say hello to healthier, more beautiful nails and feet.

Repair & Protect your Nails 

AEXZR™ is your ultimate solution for the complete elimination of onychomycosis, a fungal infection that plagues both fingernails and toenails, affecting not only the nails themselves but also penetrating the nail beds and cuticles. Beyond that, it goes the extra mile by combatting the persistent issue of foot odor caused by fungal sources.

AEXZR™ doesn't just target the visible symptoms of nail fungus; it delves deeper, addressing the root of the problem. It effectively eliminates both fungi and bacteria that have taken refuge on your nails, infiltrated the nail beds, and even hidden in the cuticles. This thorough approach ensures a more complete recovery.

When it comes to dealing with onychomycosis, this treatment is completely painless and non-intrusive. You can bid farewell to those uncomfortable clinic visits and the reliance on creams, sprays, prescriptions, or medications because this approach is both secure and solely physiotherapeutic, offering a permanent solution to eradicate the fungus. Not only is it safe, but it's also remarkably user-friendly. The AEXZR™ Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Device is also devoid of any chemical components or invasive procedures, ensuring that the surrounding tissues remain unharmed throughout the treatment process. Additionally, for enhanced safety measures, the laser automatically shuts off after 7 minutes to prevent any undue exposure.



"AEXZR™ Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Device emerges as a safe and highly efficient solution for individuals grappling with nail fungus issues. For those in search of a non-invasive treatment option, the incorporation of laser therapy in AEXZR™ makes it an outstanding choice. The product's effectiveness has been rigorously confirmed through extensive clinical trials, resulting in impressive outcomes. Importantly, AEXZR™ has demonstrated an outstanding safety record, with no notable adverse effects reported. What truly sets AEXZR™ apart from other nail fungus treatments is its unique combination of laser therapy and blue light energy. The synergy between these components effectively addresses fungal concerns while simultaneously promoting the development of robust and healthy nail growth, with no recurrence." - Dr. Ryan Goldfine, M.D., Podiatrist

What makes AEXZR™ Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Device the Best Choice?

  • Highly Effective: AEXZR™ laser treatment device is a powerful and effective treatment option for stubborn nail fungus infections. It has shown to be effective in clinical studies, and users have reported significant improvements in the appearance of their nails with regular use.
  • Easy-to-Use: The device is designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate, even for those without prior experience. Simply follow the instructions provided, and the device will do the rest. It can be used safely in the comfort of your own home.
  • Pain-Free: Unlike other treatment options, such as surgeries and oral medication, this nail fungus laser treatment device is pain-free and non-invasive. It doesn't require messy creams or gels, and there is no downtime required after treatment.
  • 100% Safe: AEXZR™ is a safe and reliable treatment option for nail fungus. With no harmful side effects, they are a great alternative to prescription medications that can cause unwanted side effects.
  • Long-Lasting Results: With consistent use, this nail fungus treatment device can provide long-lasting results. It is a reliable, cost-effective, and convenient treatment option that can help you regain healthy and beautiful-looking nails.

Let's Hear More from our Satisfied Customers!

"Managing a fungal nail infection can be an uncomfortable experience, but this treatment has established a proven track record of effectiveness. My own experience with AEXZR™ Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Device was remarkable! After just two weeks of incorporating this into my routine, I began to observe promising improvements. As the days passed, after an additional seven days, my nails underwent a complete transformation, becoming fully healed and exhibiting a remarkable improvement in both health and clarity. The outcome, although it requires patience, is certainly worth the wait. For those who are committed to sticking with the treatment and meticulously following the provided guidelines, the AEXZR™ offers a genuine opportunity to regain not only the health of your nails but also your self-confidence." - David Bowman

 "After three weeks of using this  device, my toenail's color looks healthier, and no longer looking dark! I guess it's happening fast for me, since I take a collagen and vitamin supplements that makes hair & nails grow fast. This is a very handy, effective device that can be conveniently used during screen time & other sitting activities. It can be recharged by plugging the USB into my laptop computer, while I'm using my laptop. I wish I had known about this device years ago!" - Alexi Healy



Product weight: 0.25 kg
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Power: 0.9 W
Voltage: DC1.5V


  • 1 x AEXZR™ Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Device 



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