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AKTIEE | 128 Hz Healing Device

AKTIEE | 128 Hz Healing Device

 (1828 Reviews) Rated by 120,000+ Happy Customers

eco Healing sound

verified_user Balance and harmony

recommend Increases the release of nitric oxide

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Shipping Protection

Shipping Protection

AKTIEE | 128 Hz Healing Device

AKTIEE | 128 Hz Healing Device

 (1828 Reviews)
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" This Device is AWESOME!
item as described, helped me recover from headaches and other problems I had , really beautiful"

- Smith Lopez

Verified Buyer



Activate Your Body's Self-Healing Process!

The tuning fork is a musical instrument that produces a high-frequency sound that is rarely heard elsewhere in the environment. In holistic alternative medicine, this tuning fork has been used to locate bone fractures and to promote healing and energy balance.

This 128 Hz fork, in particular, raises nitric oxide, a gas naturally present in our bodies. Nitric oxide has many functions: it acts as a messenger between cells, as a neurotransmitter, and as a hormone.

It helps dilate blood vessels, promotes heart health, boosts the brain, improves sexual health, and increases blood flow.


Press The Dipason Against The Body Parts You Want To Heal!

Use this fork yourself to heal your body by placing the tuning fork on the bones with the side of the fork toward the specific points you want to heal and holding it for a few minutes.

Gently tap the tuning fork to create vibrations. In sound wave therapy, the 128 Hz tuning fork is used to balance the automated nervous system, promote digestion and activate self-healing.

✓ 128 Hz - This low frequency has a therapeutic effect on the body and a calming effect on the nervous system, promoting health and relaxation.

✓ Treat specific body parts - For best results, tap the tuning fork to activate the sound and hold it for a while on the exact points of the body you want to heal.




✓ Healing sound - The sound produced by this instrument produces vibrations that can activate the body's self-healing process to reduce pain, balance the nervous system, help the movement of blood and lymph, and calm inflammation.

✓ Increases the release of nitric oxide - This natural gas in our body plays a crucial role in many processes, such as signaling molecule for cells, neurotransmission, immune response, and erectile function.

✓ Balance and harmony - Stabilizes your energy field and brings balance to your body and soul, so that you can focus on the things that matter and have positive effects on you.

 ✓ Package includes - 128 hz tuning fork made of quality aluminum alloy, a hammer and a cleaning cloth.


✅Increases the release of nitric oxide

✅Healing sound

✅Balance and harmony

✅Premium Quality


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